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A few people have been proactive in looking at the spring course offerings available on ECU’s OneStop system and have noticed a new course: CLAS 3500, Ancient Drama in Performance. Let me explain what that is.

CLAS 3500 will be a course that runs concurrently with the Classics Play 2013 production of “Oedipus Rex”. It will be an opportunity for students participating in the production to learn more about the performance conventions of ancient plays and to gain academic credit for their participation in “Oedipus”. The course will count as an elective in the Classics and Classical Civilization concentrations. For those outside Classical Studies, it unfortunately does not carry Humanities or Fine Arts credit, but you are free to enroll in the course as a general elective.

Please note that auditions of “Oedipus Rex” will take place in January. This is (obviously) after the semester begins. All students enrolled in CLAS 3500 will be guaranteed roles in the play, though I’m not promising what size the role will be.

If you have any questions, please drop me an email at

A full list of Classics spring offerings should be available on our website by next week.

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