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Los Angeles County- USC Medical Center

Los Angeles County- USC Medical Center

“COHE 6000 Blog” is where our learning community will interact by discussing a variety of topics related to study of the health care delivery system. True to its mission, ”COHE 6000 Blog” will consist of regular commentary that we will read and then react to. Please refer to the “assignments” area of the Bb course for more detail about how this activity will be used and how it will be evaluated. 

If you have not had much experience with blogging then take the link to the video “Blogs in plain English” for a short overview on what they are and how they are used to facilitate the sharing of ideas among a community.

Click on the blog post link to view a video that will help you get started with posting to the course blog.

After you have finished, begin by reading the first post, “Layla, SICKO and health care reform”  under “Bell’s posts” located under Categories. You are then invited to comment.  Later in cyberspace. 

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